Cricket Fiji focuses on quality coaches

May 26, 2022 7:10 am

Coach Tutor training participants [Photo: Facebook/ Cricket Fiji]

Educating and developing quality coaches is now a priority for Cricket Fiji.

Cricket Fiji is currently hosting a Coach Tutor training aimed at supporting countries to develop its own trained workforce.

Facilitator Tom Evans says setting up good a environment for a team starts from having quality coaches.

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With 24 tutors in training from several countries, Evans says it is important to have trained professionals who can accredit coaches in their own countries and have the trained skills to develop the sport.

“In time we’ve got more people who can go back into their countries, educate coaches around what good coaching looks like, set up good environments and then and the new players that we can get into the game- creating a really good experience for them. They stay in the game and hopefully in time may become their national players and people who work in the game and coach in the game in 20 to 10 years’ time.”

All tutors who successfully complete the training program will be recognized as ICC Tutors and will be ready to deliver the ICC Level 1 Coach Course in their own country.

The training includes representatives from Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Fiji Cricket Associations.