Cricket Academy venture into farming

June 24, 2022 4:03 pm

Cricket Academy Fiji has ventured into commercial farming to keep financially afloat.

The Academy is an independent club under the Suva Cricket Association and is now striving to become an affiliated member of Cricket Fiji.

Cricket Academy of Fiji player Sevu Baba says the farm is a source of security as it generates income for cricketers of Cricket Academy Fiji.

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“We have very young boys, playing for our team. We are trying to develop grassroots cricket. Some of these boys from the academy, we have am academy farm, so these boys are employed in the farm, in the weekend Monday to Friday, and Saturday we bring them down to play.”

Baba says they have expanded their farm within a year.

“We have two cricket academy farms, one in Lomai Vuna sector 6 and the other one in Vunidawa. So we have around 33,000 tausala, that will be harvested in August we also planting ginger. So those harvest that we make will go to this boys.”

Cricket Academy Fiji is part of the India-Fiji T20 Cricket Tournament organized by Suva Cricket Association.

The Tournament will be played on Saturday.