Coke Games 2022

Police commends Fijians for incident free Fiji Finals

August 21, 2022 4:30 pm

[Source: Fiji Police Force/Facebook]

The three-day Fiji Finals has been declared an incident-free event as far as safety and security matters are concerned.

Chief Operations Officer, ACP Abdul Khan says with support from the Games Organizing Committee, school heads, teachers, parents and stakeholders, no major incidents were recorded.

ACP Khan says with thousands of people turning up at the HFC Bank Stadium daily, safety and security were well maintained, largely due to the support of the general public.

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He adds their focus was to ensure all the hard work, sacrifices and resources put into preparing participating students, were not marred by any incident.

[Source: Fiji Police]

ACP Khan says they knew there was going to be a lot of excitement as the Games returned after almost 40 months.

He stated all the officers deployed had one mission in mind and that was to ensure students are able to enjoy the three day event incident free.