Coke Games 2022

Farmer's sacrifice pays off

August 22, 2022 6:58 am

Viliame Raqele

It took Viliame Raqele of Tabalei, Magodro in the highlands of Navosa two solid months to sell his crops and save over $300 to accommodate the needs of the three-day Coca Cola Games.

Raqele says he is a proud father, as he witnessed his son, Mesulame Tora participate in the games, representing Nasesevia Secondary School from the Western Division.

A lot of challenges were encountered along the way, but it did not deter Raqele’s aim to make it to the Capital City.

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He says past three-days have proved that parents’ support towards their child’s participation in any sporting activity is immeasurable.

“I was happy when my son was selected to represent the school in this Coke Games. I told my wife that I will do everything to be in Suva and witness my son participate in the competition for the first time. I’m not worried about the results, as I know, that my son can do better next year.”

Raqele adds it’s easy for some to use inaccessibility and remoteness as excuses to not participate in important events.

“Despite being in the interior, I told myself that I will make do with whatever resources I had to travel to Suva. Weeks of sacrifices have finally been paid off.”

The school has also made a name in this year’s competition, and team Manager Etuate Gaunavou says next year, they will be an improved team.