Coke Games 2022

Fans continue support despite financial struggles

August 20, 2022 7:29 am

The 2022 Coke Games was different compared to previous Fiji Finals as Fijians had to fork out more from their pockets considering the financial challenges post-pandemic.

For 64-year-old Teresia Serutabua, it’s doing whatever it takes to watch her granddaughter run the 800metres event for Namosi Secondary School.

The Navunikabi Serua villager had to uproot her four-year-old kava and sell it in order to watch her granddaughter run and win the 800metres girl’s senior division title.

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“In the last four weeks, i has to uproot, clean and dry my 4year old yaqona and i managed to sell it last week at the Navua market. I earned over $60 and this enable me to come and watch Talica – my granddaughter.”

For Ratu Kadavulevu School student Jone Naisoro, he undertook paid work for teachers to earn Coke money.

“I have ask a teacher to work for him, every Saturday. I worked for four Saturdays weeding their flower beds and i got paid $15 a day. This enabled me to pay for my admission fee and my food.”

Despite the financial struggles post COVID-19 and the rise in food prices, parents, teachers and students went the extra mile to here at the HFC Bank Stadium for the 2022 Coca Cola Games after a lapse of three years.

The 2022 Coke Games continue today.