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Coke executive receives torch

April 23, 2015 4:57 am

It was an historic event for the Fiji Finals after the Coca Cola group’s managing director for the South Pacific and Indonesia, Alison Watkins received the torch today.

This was during the stretch of the relay began its journey to Suva for the start of the event tomorrow.

Watkins says it is an honor to be part of the biggest athletics event in Fiji as she received the torch at the Nadi International Airport this morning.

“I’m just incredibly proud to see the level of enthusiasm that goes into the games and I’m very proud that Coca Cola is supporting the games and really promoting our kids here in Fiji to be active.”

Also participating in the relay, Airports Fiji Limited CEO, Faiz Khan says to be involved in the successful competition for the youths of the nation is a milestone event.

Ratu Navula College and Votualevu College were also part of the final relay and will be taking the torch back to Suva, today.

Meanwhile, Khalsa College of Ba will have something extra to run for at the Coca Cola Games which starts tomorrow.

The school lost the head of its Physical Education Department two weeks ago.

School official Avinesh Narayan says the loss has motivated the team to win gold for their late teacher.

“The HOD was a specialist in athletics so it did de-motivated the students for a while but we had a good talk with them and told them to give something back to him by winning some medals at the Coke games.”

The two day meet starts tomorrow morning and you can watch it live on FBC TV.