Hill to face Daunivavana in first professional fight

August 16, 2022 12:17 pm

Former amateur boxer Winston Hill will be fighting in his first professional boxing event which is also organized by him next month.

Hill will be up against Ratu Rakuro Daunivavana in the super welterweight division.

Hill says, he approached numerous boxers to fight but they declined, however Daunivavana stepped up to the challenge.

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“A lot of people have advised me not to, not to fight in the first program but aside from wearing a hat of a gym owner, the hat of a trainer and the hat of a boxing promoter, at heart, I’m a boxer, I’m a fighter and its something that I love to do”

The Lewis Hill Boxing Promotion, is a unique one as there will be a combination of amateur and professional fights in the same event.

There will be six amateur fights and six professional fights including one women’s bout.

The program will include renowned boxers like Junior Farzan Ali, Joseph Kwadjo and Gabrielli Ravalawa.

The main bout will be between Kwadjo and Apisai Naciqa in the cruiser weight division.

The promotion will be held on the 24th of next month at the FMF Gymnasium in Suva.