Nadogo athletes share three track shoes

August 17, 2022 6:26 am

Nadogo Central College athletes

Running on the synthetic tracks at the HFC Bank Stadium is a new experience for Nadogo Central College athletes.

Due to financial constraints, the Macuata based school could only afford to get three track shoes for its athletes.

Inorder to ensure its students get the full experience, the 18-member squad has decided to share the track shoes they have.

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Team Coach Jonati Hawea says of the 18 athletes, only one has taken part in the Games before so this is a whole new experience for 99% of the squad.

He says they’re glad to have made it to the Games and the track athletes will share what they have.

“Some of them are sharing. The students taking part on the first day can use the track shoes, and the students taking part on the second day can share. We are making use of the resources we have available for us,  for the sake of the students because they want to come and participate. “

Hawea adds they’re focused on the field and long distance events.

“In the previous years, Nadogo used to dominate, Nadogo was doing well in the field events and the long distance, and that is one of the areas we are focusing on.”

The Nadogo athletes will feature in the 800m, 400m, 1500m and shot-put events at the Games which starts tomorrow.

The three day competition will end on Saturday and you can catch the action live FBC Sports.