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Zero tolerance policy in place for taxpayers

January 31, 2019 5:08 pm
Visvanath Das

There’s now absolute zero tolerance for Fijians involved in unscrupulous tax practices with an intention to defraud the government says the Revenue and Customs.

Speaking exclusively to FBC News, Chief Executive Visvanath Das has revealed harsher actions will be imposed now following an increase in fraudsters.

Das says the high number of taxpayers defrauding the government over the past year has become a major concern and it must stop now.

“If people believe or the importers believe that they can come and negotiate to get some penalties mitigated – that is not going to happen. There is absolutely zero tolerance for an action of this sort.”

Das says ample time has been given to all Fijian taxpayers to familiarize themselves with the law.

“We have done sufficient awareness over 2017/2018, we have been sharing information regularly on weekly articles in the printed media. Therefore, that education is happening.”

The tax-man is re-iterating to Fijians to refrain from being roped into such illegal dealings as it will never end well.

“Here we are giving you a chance, we are talking about voluntary compliance. It is better you get on board yourself because if we have to get you on board then be prepared to face the full brunt of the law.”

Under the law, Fijians involved in tax evasion, illegal importation, transfer pricing, and other tax dodge methods will face a jail term of 10 years or pay a fine of $20,000.