Young inmates absorbed into formal education programme

November 22, 2022 3:15 pm

[File Photo]

The Fiji Corrections Service continues to absorb young inmates into their Early Release for Education Scheme under the FCS rehabilitation programme.

The programme is a chance for these inmates to redeem themselves and start a new path in their lives.

Commissioner, Francis Kean says 21 inmates are currently studying at the Nasinu Corrections Center’s Vocational Training School.

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“These young youths are our leaders of tomorrow, and I think they deserve another shot at life. So with your guidance, with your instructions and your mentoring, they can get back on with their life again … and make their parents proud again and make their vanua proud.”

Kean says these inmates will be graduating in two weeks’ from Certificate in Automotive Level 1 and Electrical Fitting Level 1.

FCS also has a partnership with the Monfort Boys Town, through which selected inmates can attain skills-based qualifications.

Kean says two inmates are currently enrolled in this programme, while three have graduated and secured employment.

He says they also absorb young inmates into their Basic Recruitment Course, a 14 weeks training to instill in them a sense of discipline.

A total of 461 young inmates are under the care of the Nasinu Corrections Center.