Years of borrowing fishing boats are over

August 3, 2022 12:10 pm

[Supplied by Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development]

Borrowing and hiring boats for fishing will be a thing of the past for Mosese Moceyawa, a renowned fisherman at Nakavu Village in Namosi.

This is after the Acting Minister for Rural and Maritime Development, Jone Usamate handed over an outboard engine boat under the Ministry’s self-help program.

Moceyawa says the assistance is a boost to his family’s business and investment, as before, he would spend at least $150 to hire a boat per fishing trip.

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[Supplied by Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development]

“I commend the government through the Rural and Maritime Development Ministry for the timely assistance. I have been sick for the past few days, but I could sense relief after witnessing the handing-over ceremony. This is a history in the making for my family and Yavusa.”

[Supplied by Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development]

Usamate says they’ve spent more than $17,000 for this self-help program to assist Moceyawa and his family, where the beneficiary gives one-third of the cost and two-thirds is paid by the government.

He adds the program has been running for decades.

“This investment is an investment in his life. It is a seed that they can plant to grow and flourish in business that will help him to assist his family and Yavusa and the company, which is a family company.”

[Supplied by Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development]

The initiative which is part of the government’s support system and empowerment for our maritime and rural communities will continue this financial year.