WWP backs off surf wave project

May 26, 2022 1:00 pm

World Wave Project will not be going ahead with its Qamea Wave Project.

In a statement, the company says it respects the decision of landowners and will not proceed with the EIA application for their proposed surf wave project.

And, it adds, they will not be considering any further investments in Fiji.

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The statement comes following the outcome of the EIA public consultation at Naselesele Village in Taveuni yesterday where the customary fishing rights owners out-rightly rejected the project and forced the meeting to come to an end.

It says they were somewhat surprised by yesterday’s meeting as it contradicted earlier indications from the village elders.

The company says the marine resource study early this year found that environmental impacts on the 2 potential sites for developing surf breaks would be short term and further communications between the village leaders and the EIA consultants for the project indicated a desire to formally meet and discuss the positive aspects of the project.

However, it says it was made clear at the meeting that the landowners do not want the project to proceed due to concerns about the effects on fishing opportunities.

Customary fishing rights owners of the Wainikeli – Bouma Districts voiced serious concerns about the destruction the proposed project would cause on their reefs.

The WWP Qamea Wave Project would create two new high-quality surf breaks in two locations off the Southwest coastline of Qamea.

To create the surf waves, the company was intending to re-shape or sculpt a combined area of around 2.6 hectares of the reef.

WWP Limited is a NZ registered company and the major developers for the Qamea Wave Project are Shaw Mead of Maqai Eco Surf Resort in Qamea and Michael Lucas a Director of Vunabaka Resort.