Working hours for security officers under review

May 23, 2022 12:20 pm

Parveen Kumar. [Source: Ministry of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations.]

The Employment Ministry is spearheading nationwide consultations on the review of working hours for the Security Services Sector.

Minister, Parveen Kumar says these consultations seek the views of the workers, employers, relevant stakeholders, and the public on how many hours the security officers should work in a shift.

Kumar adds this process is critical as the Ministry has received requests from security companies on the need to extend the working hours of security officers.

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The majority of security officers work an 8-hour straight shift per day.

The companies are requesting this to be increased to 12-hours per shift, considering their minimum wage rate.

“There have been requests from the employer on the hours of work. That is why we have decided to have a consultation before we decide on anything. We have to understand that the area of work they have is different from the other areas of work.”

Kumar says they have completed four consultations in Viti Levu and will continue in Vanua Levu this week.

Reports from the consultations will be submitted to Cabinet for consideration.