Work underway to solve parking issues in Suva

June 27, 2022 5:50 am

[File Photo]

The Suva Retailers Association is working closely with the City Council to address the lack of parking spaces in the heart of the Capital City.

The Association wants more people to come to the city and increase economic activity however, due to limited parking, it is becoming an issue for many businesses.

President Jitesh Patel says they have outlined several plans to increase business activity in Suva, which is becoming a hub in the Pacific.

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”When parking becomes an issue, we now have Nakasi, we have Damodar City. Good thing that the shuttle will start as the Ministry of Transport is really pushing hard to start shuttles from Valelevu to Suva. We are working with the authorities to make sure people come to Suva. Suva is not the hub of Fiji but a hub of the Pacific. A lot of things happen via Suva, we have ships coming in, and we got people coming in and travelling in and out. So we want Suva to be the main place of the Pacific, the main place to come to.”

Patel adds that their aim is to bring about more changes in Suva in the next six months to ensure that the economy grows.