Work on million-dollar Tanoa Sports Centre begins

November 24, 2022 12:02 pm

The Tanoa Hotel Group has invested millions of dollars into a world-class sports center which is expected to be ready by next year.

Speaking during the ground breaking ceremony at the Tanoa International Hotel Nadi, Managing Director Rohit Reddy says the Tanoa Sports Centre is the brainchild of their management.

Reddy says they realized that a number of sports teams travelling to our shores have little access to world class and professional training facilities.

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“Our focus with the Tanoa Sports Centre is three-fold. Have the best training facilities in Fiji – focusing on the quality of the turf and associated facilities, the athlete’s health and safety is of paramount – we want to ensure that the ground is at a standard that the players don’t get injured and they enjoy coming here and thirdly doing it sustainably.”

Reddy believes that with Fiji hosting some Super Rugby games next season, the Tanoa Sports Centre will only further strengthen this.

Area Manager Fiji Narend Kumar says the project will incorporate a lot of sustainable segments as well like a borehole for the irrigation system, solar lights around the boundary of the facility and planting of trees which they have removed for the project to further enhance the surroundings.

Kumar adds they plan to have the center in use by March.

Tanoa Hotels Fiji has 421 rooms of which 318 are in Nadi and Lautoka.