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We cant lose anymore lives on our roads: ACP Qiolevu

November 28, 2018 7:16 pm

The Police Chief of Operations was in Lautoka yesterday to launch Operation Yadrayadravi ahead of the festive season.

ACP Maretino Qiolevu says it will focus on traffic to ensure there are no road fatalities next month and their second focus will be on Drugs.

ACP Qiolevu has sternly reminded highway officers in the West to be alert as a dedicated team has been tasked to assist them ensure a high level of police visibility on our roads.

“We have a dedicated team of about 70 and we’re going to focus on our traffic operations for the whole of this month. So this means we have to be vigilant on our hot spots or our red spots. If we need to be visible along the way from Sigatoka to Nadi then we’re going to do it. Even after every 400m we need to see a Policeman then we’re going to do it.”

70 lives were lost on Fiji roads last year and ACP Qiolevu says 65 lives have been lost to date and it should stop there.

He also revealed that with the Western division being a major area of concern, officers must be vigilant along the Queens highway.

“And if we need visibility than let us be visible out there. And if we have to be standing on the roads or we do foot patrol than we have to do it. Otherwise than we will just be doing what we’re doing at the moment, enjoying in our air conditioned vehicles driving around.”

Eight people died on our roads last December and all efforts are being made to avoid holiday season fatalities this year.