Water project brings relief to Coboi Settlement

June 24, 2022 10:35 am

Minister for Infrastructure Jone Usamate at Coboi Settlement in Bua.

Residents of Coboi Settlement in Bua are now relieved they will no longer face water issues.

The 22 homes in the settlement now have access to a 24/7 supply of clean and safe drinking water right inside their homes.

Minister for Infrastructure Jone Usamate commissioned the completed project, which cost the government $74,000 to implement.

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Usamate says water is essential not only for home use but also for fighting communicable diseases like typhoid.

He says the government is striving to provide clean and safe drinking water to all homes in the urban, peri-urban, interior and the rural areas.

Usamate adds, the project marks another step closer for government in achieving its aim of providing clean and safe drinking water to all Fijians by 2030.

Resident Jeremaia Kalouwale says since the establishment of the settlement, they have had water issues.

Kalouwale says most times there won’t be any water for two to three days and they will have to collect water from the river, use rainwater or hire vehicles to get drinking water.

With the water project handed to them yesterday, Kalouwale says they are overwhelmed with the support from the Water Authority of Fiji and the government as they will no longer have to worry about their water supply.

The Coboi Water Project works include the construction of a new water source and installation of a 10,000 litres capacity tank, laying of pipes, repair to the existing line, and the installation of 10 new standpipes and shower connection.