Waste recyclers provide training during cleanup campaign

November 20, 2022 8:05 am

[Photo Supplied]

Waste Recyclers Fiji Limited affirms that there would be no need for clean-up campaigns if we all took personal responsibility when it comes to waste management and recycling.

Yesterday, Waste Recyclers and Pacific Recycling Foundation provided training and logistical support during a clean-up campaign in Nausori

Waste Recyclers Chief Executive Amitesh Deo says the team gave information to the volunteers regarding recyclables and the need to segregate waste materials.

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He states that while they are grateful to volunteers for their commitment to this drive, there is a need for us to slowly move away from the idea of clean-up campaigns because it breeds the very behavior they are trying to change.

Deo adds that clean-up campaigns give people a false sense that somebody else will pick up their trash.

Over 300kg of recyclables were collected during this exercise.