Waste management monitoring remains a challenge

October 2, 2022 8:11 am

The implementation and monitoring of solid waste and other hazardous materials law, particularly after a disaster remains a challenge in Fiji.

This was highlighted by Minister for Disaster Management, Inia Seruiratu who says relevant laws to oversee this issue have been formulated.

Seruiratu stresses at the end of the day, the onus rests on every Fijian to be responsible for waste management, and reduce health-related risks and food security issues post-disaster.

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“If we take equal responsibility and take our responsibilities seriously, it would make things easier for the authorities concerned. And likewise, like other new laws that we have adopted, we are adopting because of our ratification of conventions and therefore, we sometimes do not have the capability and the capacity for each implementation, but over time, when we have the resources and when we this will be implemented gradually.”

Seruiratu says Fiji cannot compare its waste management systems with developed countries, due to the resources gap.

He also confirmed the government is working with relevant authorities to improve the waste management system across the country.