Vuda project provides security for children's future

May 18, 2022 4:11 pm

A couple that has ventured into land development in Vuda says the project is for their children’s future.

Landowner Makelesi Davelevu says they had a lot planned, but did not have any money for development.

Davelevu says this all changed through a government grant, and seeing their dream come true with actual work taking off is a surreal experience.

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“We did plan to develop but the thing is that we did not have the funds to do it so this was a good opportunity for us to apply for the grant and they gave it to us and we are so happy.”

The project costs more than $600,000 with Makelesi and her husband expecting to cash in around $2m from the 4 acres which will eventually have 15 residential lots.

She adds they have three children and this project will mean security for their future.

The development is located along the Vuda Point road.