Video emerges of brutal school bullying

March 2, 2020 6:55 am

A video of a brutal beating of a student at a prominent school in Tailevu has emerged on social media.

The video, which is almost 3 minutes long shows a group of students taking turns to beat another student with a piece of timber.

The victim can be seen crying while his attackers taunt him and continue with the beating.

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One student even turns towards the camera and makes jokes in the middle of the beating.

The victim is hit multiple times on his buttocks, slapped on the back of his head and punched repeatedly.

From the video, it’s evident the beating took place in a classroom after dark.

The piece of timber is taken from a classroom desk.

Police have confirmed that the Criminal Investigations Department has been directed to promptly investigate the video of alleged bullying and assault

The Fiji Police Force says it is seriously concerned about this incident and the CID team is now working to gather more details about the alleged incident.

Anyone who can help with information regarding this incident is requested to call Crime Stoppers on 919 or send a private message to police.