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Vandalizing election campaign materials a crime: FEO

October 3, 2018 7:22 pm

The Elections Office is reminding the public that vandalizing election advertisements including campaign billboards is a criminal offense.

This follows pictures circulated on social media of a defaced FijiFirst campaign billboard between Suva and Lami, reportedly targeted by vandals.

Elections Supervisor Mohammed Saneem says this behavior will not be tolerated while highlighting a similar incident in the 2014 election where three individuals from the North were issued with suspended sentences for their illegal activities.

Saneem is urging the public to uphold the principles of a free and fair election.

“In 2014 the defacing of posters in Labasa resulted in suspended sentences of up to 6-9 months and this is a stern warning to anyone who wish to undertake such criminal activity that you may be in line for similar sentences and this may not work out very well for you so urging everybody to keep the campaigns clean, participate in the general election and keep the general election campaign practices clean and endeavor for a free and fair election.”

He says people must not resort to such dirty tactics following reports of vandalism taking place.

Saneem says although they have not received an official report from the party concerned, they will refer the matter to FICAC for investigation and to take those responsible to task.

The FijiFirst party says these are the tactics that its opposition and their supporters resort to when they know they are going to lose the election.

The party adds those who oppose them take out their frustration out on billboards because the people of Fiji have rejected the lies and false being spread.