Values need to be taught at home: Kuruleca

August 18, 2022 6:15 am

Substance abuse has been found to be a factor in the spate of youth brawls in Suva.

Psychologist Selina Kuruleca said this has been a major issue found after the covid-19 pandemic which could be a coping mechanism for this group of people.

She says it has also been noticed in the crime rates with people thinking they can break the law whenever they want which and this could be because of their inability to cope post-pandemic.

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The psychologist says it could also be due to youths seeing the same behavior by people in influential roles.

Family she says is a very important foundation where values need to be instilled in children and youths.


“What is being taught in homes? Because this is unacceptable. Whether you are defending your yasayasa, whether you’re defending your property. As much as you are allowed and as much as you can defend your property and loved ones, how much is enough.”

Kuruleca has encouraged an all sector approach by policy makers, communities, faith based and families in addressing the issue of youth violence.

Youth brawls have occurred more than once in Nabua.

The latest incident happened in Raiwai last Sunday.