USP students deregistered

October 18, 2016 6:19 am

Private students who owe semester two fees to the University of the South Pacific have been deregistered.

Acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Richard Coll says the decision to deregister students who have not paid all fees in full was a unanimous decision by the USP Senate.

Coll says that students’ debts are now very high and accumulating every year, and the University sees it critical that this is addressed.

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Deregistered students will not be permitted to attend lectures, nor sit the end of the semester exams.

Students have also been locked out of all online services, and academic resources via MOODLE.

The Library is also out of bounds to de-registered students who have until this Friday to pay up in full as the University isn’t accepting installments.

The outstanding fees include tuition, accommodation, general service or any other fee.

However, the University will not deregister students whose fees are not yet paid by sponsors or through Fiji’s TELS loan scheme.

The University also has a substantial bursary and scholarship scheme to help financially disadvantage students, especially those from the region.