Use of public transport needs to be encouraged: LTA

September 30, 2022 6:30 am

[File Photo]

The use of public transportation needs to be promoted and maintained in view of the growing number of vehicles on our roads, says the Land Transport Authority.

Chief Executive, Flagon Bekker says the increasing number of vehicles on the road is a challenge for the Land Transport Authority.

”Look at and learn from other countries, smaller countries, if you look at Netherlands or Bahamas, how do other countries like Fiji deal with this challenge. So the answers ultimately are going to come through a combination of more infrastructure, plan, cost and keeping people on public transport and encouraging the use of more public transport and modes of transport.”

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He says that they need people to understand the options, the risks, and the opportunities.

”For our part, we will continue to sit in the middle of this conversation and we will continue to work with our international global partners whether they are financial advisory, political to make the right decisions for the people of Fiji.”

According to LTA Board Chair James Sowane, they deal with 300,000 licensed Fijians and manage over 140,000 licensed vehicles daily.