Usamate hits out at Rabuka for misinformation

September 28, 2022 4:50 pm

PA Leader Sitiveni Rabuka (from left), Minister of Infrastructure Jone Usamate.

The Water Authority of Fiji has today hit out at People’s Alliance Leader Sitiveni Rabuka for claims he made regarding services provided by WAF.

Rabuka had stated that thousands of Fijians were without water supply last week in Nadi and Suva, and this is not the first time it has happened and there was no prior notification made.

He also claimed that water trucks were seen drawing water from the lake beside the Raintree Lodge in Colo-i-Suva.

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Minister for Infrastructure, Jone Usamate, has called the claims by Rabuka absurd.

Usamate says the claim that water is being carted from the Raintree Lodge lake is completely false.

He says WAF advises all Fijians that the water in the lake is not fit for human consumption and at worst could have severe health impacts.

He adds that WAF maintains the highest standard of water testing, including constant testing by its laboratory teams, to ensure that the water WAF supplies is clean and safe for consumption.

Usamate says Rabuka claims he will work hard to fix water issues. However, when WAF teams are actually physically fixing the issues, he spreads misinformation and seems to be trying to undermine their hard work for the sake of media sensationalism.

The Minister says Rabuka clearly does not appreciate the complexity of maintaining a water supply network while minimizing supply disruptions.

Usamate says Rabuka has picked up a disruption notice issued to customers in the Nadi area last week that informed the customers of planned works on Saturday.

The Minister clarified this was done as part of a major planned repair of a leaking valve on the trunk main that feeds nearly 70 percent of customers in the Nadi area, from Votualevu to Marriot Resort, that was being carried out.

He says while the water main supply to 70 percent of customers in Nadi was taken offline, it did not simply mean that everyone in Nadi was left without water, as implied in Rabuka’s claims.

Usamate says the repair works were carried out after two weeks’ notice.

The Minister urges all Fijians to continue listening to the technical experts and storing water to ensure their families are protected during emergencies.