Uni Fiji VC hits out at NFP Leader

December 18, 2021 12:14 pm

University of Fiji Vice-Chancellor, Professor Shaista Shameem has condemned the Radio New Zealand report quoting National Federation Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad.

In the report, Prasad said that allegations of corruption and fraudulent practices at the University of Fiji cannot be ignored.

Professor Shameem says Prasad, as a Professor himself, should know better than to repeat wild anonymous and defamatory allegations made through Radio New Zealand.

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The University of Fiji has already informed Radio New Zealand that anyone making false and criminally defamatory allegations about any person at the University or the University itself, and anyone repeating these allegations, will be subjected to the strong arm of defamation law.

Professor Shameem says this also includes politicians who take potshots at the University without substance or knowledge of the allegations.

The University claims allegations sent to Radio New Zealand were made by former employees who were terminated due to lack of performance or breach of Fiji’s law.

She adds evidence of bad management practices that were certainly present at the University in the previous administrations but the cleanup has since taken place and they are back on the right path.

The National Federation Party is surprised at the odd over-reaction by Professor Shameem with her outbursts.

According to Party’s General Secretary Seni Nabou , Prasad only highlighted that if there are allegations, it is appropriate to have an independent investigation and clear both sides of the story.

Nabou says the NFP will not bow to legal threats or intimidation by administrators of an institution of higher learning like the University of Fiji that is being funded by public taxes.