Two people arrested in Labasa

February 21, 2016 1:51 am

Two people are now in custody at the Labasa Police Station for breaching the curfew.

Divisional Police Commissioner Northern SSP ShiriBhawan Singh told a DISMAC briefing this morning that the two were warned three times last night for loitering in Labasa town but they kept on coming back.

He says the threat is that they wanted to break into some shops which were closed down.

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Singh says they have dealt with the two and they are now kept in police custody to appear in court tomorrow.

Several people have been taken to task by Labasa Police for breaching the curfew.

Singh says there were a few minor offenses in Labasa town last night.

He says they have dealt with those involved and reiterated the need for people to know that the curfew remains in place.

The curfew was imposed from 6pm yesterday and is still effective.

During the curfew people were seen having a rain bath, some were playing touch rugby and some loitering in the town.

Commissioner Northern Jovesa Vocea has reiterated the need for the public to adhere to warnings and remain indoors as the curfew is still in place.

He has tasked the Divisional Police Commissioner to restrict the movement of the public during this time.