Tuiteci unfazed, lodges complaint against Duru

May 22, 2022 7:50 am

[Source: Seremaia Tuiteci/ Youtube]

Sacked Social Democratic Liberal Party provisional candidate, Seremaia Tuiteci says the decision made by the party does not faze him.

Following yesterday’s announcement of his termination by SODELPA General Secretary Lenaitasi Duru for his controversial claims on social media, Tuiteci says he is happy because he is free to join another political party that is much better in terms of ethics and standards.

“It doesn’t even affect me, I have other parties that are ringing me who heard me and wanting me to join them. I don’t join cowards like people in SODELPA like Anare Jale and Lenaitasi Duru but the point is, I’m happy that they sacked me.”

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SODELPA General Secretary Lenaitasi Duru.

In the meantime, Duru says the party had written to Tuiteci to say that his claims on social media was in breach of the 2013 Constitution Section 17.2 and Section 26 of the Bill of Rights regarding the limits to one’s freedom of expression.

“He’s also in breach of the Online Safety Act of 2018 with his constant attacks on members of society. He has turned inside the party and started attacking senior members of the party, these are tantamount to contravention of the act. SODELPA also has a social media policy and he has been breaching that every time.”

Duru says the decision to terminate Tuiteci’s provisional candidacy had received majority endorsement by the SODELPA management board members.

Meanwhile, Tuiteci says he has lodged a complaint at the Totogo Police Station against Duru for allegedly verbally abusing him last Wednesday at their head office in Suva.

He also alleges that Duru threatened that he wouldn’t sign his nomination form.

Police Spokesperson, Ana Naisoro confirms a report has been lodged at the Totogo Police Station and an investigation is underway.