Tui Labasa calls for review on how funerals are carried out

September 3, 2018 6:00 pm

The newly installed Tui Labasa is hoping to change the way funerals and funeral gatherings are carried out.

Speaking to the media after his installation on Friday, Ratu Jone Qomate says funerals nowadays are becoming an expensive affair for families.

Ratu Jone is proposing for funerals in the district to be held in a day, similar to those conducted in the outer maritime islands – as is the practice in the olden days.

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He says the use of mortuaries are causing relatives to drag funerals for several days, imposing more financial burdens on themselves.

“We have to do this, to help ourselves, help the Vanua and other people. Just because of the mortuary, we are having one week, three weeks gatherings. This thing has to change. It’s getting really expensive to hold funerals.”

Ratu Jone says he will put his proposal forward in the Vanua meetings to be discussed in the different clan and sub clan meetings before a decision is made.