Fiji Airports’ charges – lowest in the world

August 10, 2019 12:30 pm

Fiji Airports’ charges are one of the lowest in the South Pacific and the World.

This was verified independently by Airports Council International through a benchmarking exercise where airport charges from all over the world were compared.

In a statement, Fiji Airports says its international turnaround cost is about three times cheaper than Australian Airports.

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The clarification comes after National Federation Party MP Lenora Qereqertabua while debating on the AFL 2016 Annual Report in parliament claimed that Fiji Airports receives $200 departure tax.

Fiji Airports’ says for over two decades since its incorporation in 1999, its share of departure tax is $10 VIP, which works out to $9.17 VEP earned and reflected in its financials and annual reports.

Fiji Airports’ says an aircraft that lands in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne in Australia pays on average 300% more to the airport in turnaround costs – than an aircraft that lands in Nadi.

Auckland, Noumea, Papeete are 200% – 300% more expensive in airport turnaround costs – than Nadi.

Fiji Airports’ also says its domestic charges to airlines are again lowest in the world.