Transportation of produce a major issue for Naigani islanders

February 2, 2020 2:00 pm

The transportation of their produce to the market is one of the major challenges faced by fishermen of Naigani Island in Lomaiviti.

Naigani Village headman Iowane Masirewa highlighted the issue during a talanoa session held on the island with the Fisheries Minister Semi Koroilavesau last Friday.

“Some of us would leave the village on Friday and then return early the following week just to sell our produce. We have a few problems with the transport routines but so far we are managing.”

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Masirewa says they are blessed to have an abundance of marine resources which has allowed them to generate income and provide for their family needs.

Meanwhile part of the ministry’s visit on the island was also to follow up on the assistance that was handed to the island in 2017 when they received a solar-powered freezer.

Fisheries Minister Semi Koroilavesau says Naigani Island was the first community to receive the assistance from the ministry.

“I am grateful that you have been maintaining the solar-powered freezer and have fully utilized the assistance. I am thankful to you for that and I believe that we will continue to work together into the future.”

Villagers say the solar freezer has been of great help to the people on the island and all their needs have been met in terms of proper storage of their catch before it is transported to the main land to be sold.

Koroilavesau also urged fishermen on the island to set up their fishermen’s association so they could start planning their activities and successfully execute their business plans.

Meanwhile, Naigani Island has 17 households with around 50 people.