Tourism Fiji reintroduces Matai training

May 2, 2022 6:00 am

Tourism Fiji. [File Photo]

Tourism Fiji relaunched their Matai training last week for travel agents and the tourism trade.

This program features six courses with interactive content that involve active experiences, off-the-beaten-track regions, an introduction to Fiji, best-known regions, relaxed experiences, and selling Fiji.

According to Tourism Fiji Chief Executive Brent Hill, the program aims to keep partner countries informed of developments and opportunities in Fiji.

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“Guest who comes into the travel agent in Europe or US and wants to know how to get to Royal Davui resort, then the agents who were trained at the Matai program will be able to say look can jump in a car, come down at the coast and get a boat from the Pearl across to Royal Davui.”

Hill adds that with world-class digital marketing, they have plans to build more audiences through remarketing and use programmatic media to target key audiences who are engaged and want to explore more.