Over a thousand jobs created in seven months: Chadha

November 19, 2022 1:50 pm

[File Photo]

Sheraton & Westin Resorts Fiji has provided jobs to over 1,000 Fijians in the past seven months.

Speaking at the Global Customer Appreciation Week in Suva, General Manager Neeraj Chadha says this was made possible through their strategic approaches, which helped in their post-pandemic recovery.

He says the resort also noted a forty percent increase in their bookings this year.

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“Well, we are concentrating on making sure our base for booking into 2023 is looking very well. All segments leisure, mice, weddings, and social events are all coming back with vengeance and in fact, so we see revenue trends increasing.”

The resort is also working on addressing the supply chain issues facing the industry.

“Collaboration working together with the government will make sure that once we could come over and forth on a challenge like that, with the availability of talent, some headwinds regarding supply chain I’m sure everybody is experiencing that in their own businesses that we equip ourselves to we can continue to deliver some fabulous customer experience.”

Chadha says renovations have been carried out at the resort to ensure the best customer service.