More than 500,000 visitors so far

December 2, 2022 6:35 am

Fiji has so far welcomed more than 500,000 visitors to our shores since the end of October.

Fiji Airways CEO and Managing Director Andre Viljoen say for the last five months up to October, we have been receiving above 60,000 visitors.

Viljoen says 70% of these travelers were brought by Fiji Airways.

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According to Viljoen as of October, Fiji has reached 90.6% of visitor arrivals compared to 2019, and bookings are growing at an average rate of 6% every week.

“When we look at bookings held, tickets sold to people that would travel in the future from the start of December until the end of May with 30% ahead of 2019 bookings that’s enormous. We still have 30% of our markets still closed we’ve got Japan and Hong Kong closed and some south pacific countries still opening slowly.”

He adds that Fiji is miles ahead of many other Pacific Island countries and other much larger nations in other parts of the world.

Tourism Fiji CEO Brent Hill says over the year they have seen many numbers worthy of celebration like tourists are spending more (+12%), staying longer (9.7 nights), are more satisfied, and have come in record numbers.

Hill says they have also never seen so many Australians in Fiji in a single month as they did in September.