Tourism Fiji partners with TikTok Superstar

August 20, 2022 11:20 am

TikTok sensation Shaheel Prasad (left) [Picture Supplied]

Tourism Fiji has partnered with Fijian TikTok sensation Shaheel Prasad to showcase our country as a tourist destination.

Prasad, famously known as Shermont on social media will once again be strutting his stuff in various tourism hotspots in and around Nadi showcasing Fiji’s beauty and outlining various tourism experiences.

Shermont captured the attention of the world when one of his videos, showing him catwalk barefoot holding inanimate objects such as a metal gate, a wooden ladder and bench and even his sister, went viral and hit 28 million views.

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The short video clip was shared on multiple social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and landed him and Fiji global attention for his hilarious take on fashion show catwalks, featuring in international news outlets like the New York Times, ABC News, the Times of India and

Tourism Fiji Chief Marketing Officer, Emma Campbell says her team had a chance to meet with Shermont this week before his shoot and they’re all huge fans!

Shermont has already shot some videos including diving, river rafting and going zip lining with his best friend, Delanie.”

Sherman’s video on TikTok that sees him perform his famous catwalk moves in Namaka market has already amassed 49k likes on TikTok.