The use of social media in Fiji continues to grow

October 8, 2016 1:27 am

Internet penetration in the country has increased immensely over the past year say Vodafone Fiji’s Head of Digital Business and Service Innovation Rizvi Amith.

According to statistics from Vodafone Fiji, as of January this year, there were 340,000 social media users – approximately 40 per cent of the total population.

Speaking at a Social Media Masterclass training in Savusavu, Amith says statistics from their network show that the level of internet penetration will reach about half of Fiji’s population in the next few years.

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“It’s a good stats in terms of understating that even the government even wants mobile operators in the company to bring smartphones instead of just feature phones because they too are really hyped up to give the youths and next generation the connectivity. SO that’s a good sign as we are really focusing our efforts towards that cause in terms of giving internet for all.”

300,000 Fijians are using social media through their mobile phones.