The US will support any government elected next month

November 26, 2022 7:30 am

Newly-Appointed US Ambassador to Fiji, Marie Damour

The United States will continue to show support to any government that will take office after the December 14th election.

This was stressed by the newly-appointed US Ambassador to Fiji, Marie Damour in her first press address this afternoon.

Damour says the US is optimistic that the upcoming election will be a free, fair, and credible one that reflects the will of every Fijian.

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“We will of course engage in conversations as we normally do with anyone who is in the office about what their priorities are. It’s up to the people and the government of Fiji to determine what they thinks is in the best interest of the people of Fiji and we are here to try and respond to that kind of discussion.”

Damour adds the US will continue to support the Pacific island countries, including Fiji, which includes President Joe Biden’s pledge to deliver $11 billion annually by 2024.

She says this is to support countries in their efforts to decarbonize their economies, advance climate-friendly land use practices, and enhance adaptation as well as resilience.

Damour stresses that they’ve signed 11 bilateral ship rider agreements with Pacific island countries, including Fiji, to allow our law enforcement personnel to embark on US Navy and Coast Guard vessels to observe, board, and search vessels suspected of violating our laws and regulations within our Exclusive Economic Zone.