Driverless car laser ruined camera

January 16, 2019 11:05 am

The purple dots and lines on this photo of the Stratosphere hotel in Las Vegas show the damage. [Source: JIT RAY CHOWDHURY]

A man who took a photograph of a driverless car on display at the CES tech fair says his camera was damaged as a result.

Jit Ray Chowdhury noticed purple spots on all his photographs after taking a photo of a lidar laser scanning system displayed by San Francisco firm AEye.

He says the $1,198 (£930) Sony camera was one month old and the firm has offered to buy him a replacement.

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AEye said its system is not harmful to human eyes.

Mr Chowdhury said at first he thought he had damaged the camera himself.

“It was the first morning of CES and I had some helicopter tours later on where I wanted to use this new camera and now it’s not working,” he said.

“Later at night after reading up on different types of camera sensor damages and going through the photos again I discovered that it was the lidar.”