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TC Winston strongest ever on record to hit Fiji

February 20, 2016 1:17 am

Category Five, Tropical Cyclone Winston is now the strongest tropical cyclone and first Category 5 storm on record to hit Fiji.

Weather Underground reports that TC Winston also qualifies as an “annular hurricane”— a special subclass of hurricanes which are more resistant to weakening than regular hurricanes.

TC Winston also becomes only the 11th Category 5 storm east of Australia since 1970.

The most devastating cyclone to affect Fiji in recent decades was Category 2 Cyclone Kina of January 1993, which killed 23 people and the only deadlier storm than Kina was Category 3 Cyclone Eric of 1985, which made a direct hit on the capital of Suva, killing 25.

Meanwhile, Nausori Market closed in the last hour, while the Nausori Town Council acting chief executive, Azam Khan says they are working closely with DISMAC.

He adds Nausori Town remains open for the time being.

Looking at other centres, reports out of Ba suggest the weather is fine, as same in Nadi.

The weather is also calm at the moment in Tavua and Rakiraki.
People have been taking to the supermarkets in Suva, doing shopping and securing their properties.

Suva Retailers Association President, Atish Lala, says they have advised shop owners in the capital to take heed and allow staff to get ready for the cyclone.

He says this will mean shops starting to close in the next hour.
Navua has been experiencing some wind and rain, while Sigatoka is experiencing some rain and winds.