Tavuki villagers head to Adelaide for seasonal work

August 2, 2022 4:30 pm

Thirty-six district representatives from Tavuki in Kadavu

A group of thirty-six villagers from the District of Tavuki in Kadavu were today reminded to honour their contractual obligation with all honesty while serving their employer in Adelaide, Australia.

The men from Tavuki will be leaving our shores for farm work in Adelaide, Australia next Monday.

Tavuki High Chief Ratu Penioni Nacagilevu, while farewelling these men, reminded them to not let the outside influence ruin their reputation.

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“It was not easy making all the arrangements, but today we celebrate because you will all be leaving our shores soon, so do not forget to do us proud and adhere to the rules of your work.”You are representing your family, Vanua, and your country.”

These villagers were handpicked by the district representatives, but their work will be guided by the strong message given by the Chief before their departure next week.

This batch of men will be picking oranges for their employer in Adelaide. More men are expected to leave the district for seasonal work in Australia in the coming months.