Talanoa platform boosts teacher engagement

May 14, 2022 12:46 pm

Minister for Education, Premila Kumar

A total of 150 teachers successfully secured their transfer through the Teacher Talanoa Platform.

Minister for Education, Premila Kumar says since the introduction of this platform last year, the level of teachers’ engagement has increased.

Kumar says through this platform, teachers provided relevant information that assisted the Ministry to handle teacher transfer through the use of a data-driven process.

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She adds that the headquarters are also posting relevant information.

“The headquarters has also shared information on this platform such as videos of new classroom practice, curriculum reviews for feedback, learning and development opportunities, school circulars and information, and school plans, including teacher postings to bring spouses together.”

The Minister adds they are looking forward to uniting more teachers with their families as their vacancies arise.

The Teachers’ Talanoa Session was launched last year to serve 13,000 teachers.