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Support the indigenous population: Radrodro

November 29, 2018 3:53 am

The government needs to support the indigenous population.

While speaking in parliament this morning, Opposition MP, Aseri Radrodro, says i-Taukei people have the resources, however, they need positive direction and guidance from the government.

Radrodro says the village-by-laws by the i-Taukei Ministry needs to be completely terminated and should not be shelved as directed by the government.

He adds the appointment by the government of the administration of the provincial council members is seen as a sign of manipulation and control and Radrodro claims the i-Taukei people will not have this.

“Government needs to stop doing this to our indigenous population and grant them the respect and the recognition they deserve. Allow them equitable participation and enjoyment of their resources and allow them to be equal partners in development. Provide the financial capital to start with, allow land owners to participate in 50 – 50 participation.”

Radrodro also claims that under the 2013 Constitution, more i-Taukei land were sold without the knowledge of land owners and this should be stopped.

“SODELPA’s position on the customary land is not safe is further confirmed by the new declaration that a new independent land tribunal will be legislated soon. It there was indeed no land alienation and the 2013 Constitution strongly protects the land like never before then why need for such a tribunal.”

He adds the government should consider the i-Taukei population and should work in partnership with them for the improvement of their livelihoods and the country as a whole.