Students warned over “Charlie Charlie”

September 24, 2022 8:24 am

Any student involved in the ouija board game “Charlie Charlie” will be sent home.

Education Minister Premila Kumar has issued a stern warning after concerns were raised that some students have been traumatized.

The game, which supposedly summons spirits, was banned in all schools in 2015.

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The Education Minister stresses that this game needs to stop and action will be taken against students who continue to play.

“If we find any school students involved in such game, we will be sending those students home. We need to protect other children and we don’t want to create fear in our young ones and just because of few students if we don’t take this action immediately than the chances are that the young ones will not be interested in coming back to school.”

Ten students of Veiuto Primary School in Suva were sent home earlier this week for playing the game.

The Education Minister says a report by the head of school clearly states that the students who were involved in this game were playing it at home and played it with other students when in school.

Kumar says this needs to stop and parents must supervise their children at home while teachers have been urged to keep an eye on the students at school.