Staff and patients main priorities for Aspen

April 27, 2022 5:30 am

The Aspen Medical Chief Executive has stressed they have two priorities and that is the welfare of staff and patients.

Annette Owttrim says if they can look after these people well, they won’t face any major issues and things will run smoothly.

Owttrim has also praised the staff at the Ba Hospital who have worked extra hard over the past few months.

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“As a nurse, I feel for the clinical staff. Most of them are so exhausted from everything that we have gone through in COVID and then to say now we are going to transition you to a new structure, I think they are doing a fantastic job.”

She also says since Ba Hospital opened its doors two weeks ago, they have been busy, and staff have been up to the challenge.

Owttrim adds they will also ensure they provide the best medical assistance to anyone coming into the hospital.