Special mining lease extended for Lion One

August 8, 2022 4:30 pm

Lion One Metals Tuvatu Alkaline-Gold project.

The government has extended the special mining lease for another 11 years for the Lion One Metals Tuvatu Alkaline-Gold project.

Chief Executive, Walter Berukoff while thanking the government highlighted that this is the time to celebrate the long term positive relations between Tuvatu, the government and the landowners.

He says the company is confident that the Tuvatu Project will become a multi-million-ounce gold deposit.

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Berukoff who founded the project 17-years ago says they pride themselves on joining the local community in Tuvatu as they are guests of the landowners.

He stressed this will be respected at all times.

“This long term lease extension sends a very clear message to the world, that Fiji has and continuously be open to public markets which can access critical capital to enable responsible mining project to be built.”

Berukoff says responsible mining will enhance the socio-economic conditions for all Fijians.

He adds that as a company, they support job skill based training, local infrastructure projects and they have stimulated the economy in the supply chain.

Berukoff says their mining law will be aligned both with national and international best practices.