Special education teachers in demand

December 4, 2022 7:30 am

The Ministry of Education reiterates that there is a need for more special and inclusive education teachers in the country.

Permanent Secretary Doctor Anjeela Jokhan says there are 17 special education schools in the country with 1082 students, and there are 46 special and inclusive education schools with over 360 students.

She says it is also challenging, as more support and care are needed to ensure students are well looked after in schools.

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“The Ministry is trying to assist by trying to provide trained teachers and us also giving TSLS and offering scholarships to teachers and to pre-service students to actually do degrees in special and inclusive education.”

Meanwhile, Frank Hilton Organization Chief Executive Sureni Perera says they are working with the Health Ministry in regards to student’s health.

“The support services we offer here, are in line with early detection, and intervention services and we also have our clinic services at the CWM hospital in regard to the audiology screenings.”

The Ministry of Education continues to promote inclusive education to empower all children to experience a sense of belonging within the school environment.

They are also urging everyone to assist them in doing so.