SODELPA supporters rejected by PAP

May 23, 2022 4:30 pm

Viliame Gavoka (left) and Sakiasi Ditoka.

Social Democratic Liberal Party supporters who joined rival parties are now coming back after being rejected by Sitiveni Rabuka’s The People’s Alliance.

Leader, Viliame Gavoka says they were pillars of the party, but will no longer have any right to exercise authority within SODELPA.

Gavoka says a portion of members who followed his predecessor, Rabuka have now discovered that SODELPA is a better party.

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“I get the impression that they get flippant- you know like I am going to try that one and if not then I go back this side. It doesn’t work that way because in SODELPA we ask for loyalty.”

The People’s Alliance General Secretary, Sakiasi Ditoka says they attract people based on their ideologies and if anyone decides to leave they can do so.

“Whoever wants to join us can join us. If they do not want to join us, it is their democratic right.”

Ditoka adds the party upholds the values of good governance, transparency, and accountability.

SODELPA executives have refused to name the individuals who’ve come back to the party fold.