Sexual and Reproductive health service in demand

June 4, 2020 4:30 pm

Executive Director Matelita Seva-Cadravula.

The Reproductive and Family Health Association of Fiji has noted a 100 percent increase in Fijians seeking their services over the last three months.

Executive Director Matelita Seva-Cadravula says due to COVID-19 women are becoming more cautious of their reproductive health status.

This has led to more women seeking check-ups.

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“We’ve also increased in terms of our first visits – clients that access our services for the first time there has been a 23% increase and it’s good to see that our past clients are actually coming on a return visit and that has been on a 92% increase”.

Seva-Cadravula says the current restrictions and lockdown have encouraged most clients to practice proper family planning.

“There has been a 2% increase on the up-take of long acting reversible contraceptive methods. These are methods that can last three to five years in terms of the prevention of pregnancy”.

The Association has deployed 9 employees and volunteers to Kadavu to provide sexual and reproductive health services following Tropical Cyclone Harold.