Royal Navy commemorate ties with Nakelo Village

March 20, 2022 4:30 pm

There is a long historical connection between the district of Nakelo and the United Kingdom.

The more the 100-year history was commemorated yesterday with the crew members from the Royal Navy’s Offshore Patrol Vessel – HMS SPEY and the new British High Commissioner to Fiji, Dr Brian Jones.

Dr Jones says they recognize, admire and appreciate the central role of Nakelo community plays in Fijian life.

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“108 years ago, this village- representing the whole of Fiji gave an act of immense human kindness to some of our Royal Navy sailors who got into trouble here. Our memories are long and that relationship lives on today. And I was pleased that after more than 20 years of absence that the Royal Navy has come back to Fiji.”

Dr Jones says the Royal Navy also officially handed over the Union flag and a memorial base to reaffirm the UK’s connections.

The British High Commissioner says the opportunity given by the arrival of HMS SPEY was an ideal time to truly show our bilateral connection.